Cooking Kids

Cooking Kids has become a brand of its own. It is very exciting to teach children to cook and watch how they grow in confidence as they learn. Children can do so much more then we expect and they are far more creative than we know.


Afternoon Cooking Kids Courses


At these courses various cooking is taught, such as simple baking, meals, breads and much more. The children do the cooking themselves as they are guided by adult helpers.  These courses run on Wednesday afternoons from 2.15pm – 3.30pm. Please Check the Calendar of events for the up and coming courses.

Term 1 2017 info and form is attached here.


Cooking Kids Birthday Parties


A popular way to celebrate a birthday with a group of friends. 



Cooking Kids Extra-mural Cooking Courses


At present Kloof Senior Primary School has introduced Cooking Courses as a recognised extra mural activity. The program runs for 6 lessons over 6 weeks of each term and knife skills, safety and hygiene are taught while good cooking skills are learnt. At the end of a term, the children have learnt to make a 3 course meal as well as good baking techniques.

This is open to any schools that would like to run this activity to enhance their extra-mural program.


Cooking Kids Holiday Courses


Courses are run during the school holidays, for those children or teens that do not have time to attend during the term due to sporting and other commitments. These courses run over a few mornings or afternoons and normally consist of a main meal, dessert, sometimes a soup, some baking and something made with yeast.  These courses are sometimes run as a mini chef competition, or as an informative course. The children/teens receive all the recipes they learn as well as a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.